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ABD continues to monitor the realities of COVID-19 to ensure our clients, colleagues, and communities we serve are informed on how best to stay safe and resilient during this time of uncertainty. Please visit for updates.

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We quickly needed to adjust to the strange reality of the global work from home requirement, but many of us have begun to consider what is necessary when restrictions are lifted. In order to move forward, we must rethink all aspects of the physical workplace, policies and operations, and the employee experience.

We understand that each company will move forward on a unique path, and will return to a different workplace only when the time is right.  ABD is here to support your efforts to move forward safely and strategically.  Together with our clients, industry experts, and partners, we are developing and will share guidance through our Return to Workplace Webinar Series to support your tomorrow.
Brian Hetherington, Chairman
Kurt de Grosz, President

Return to Workplace Guide: Considerations for Employee Reentry

As local and state governments begin to lift shelter in place orders, companies are required to document a return to workplace guide. Successful reentry plans will connect to company culture, values, and operations, and will be transparent, flexible, and focused on employee concerns and safety.

Download ABD’s Return to Workplace Guide: Considerations for Employee Reentry and attend our webinar series to help you build a solid plan for your return to your workplace.

Return to Workplace Webinars

Prepare for a Positive Employee Experience

Thursday, June 4 — 10am PST
Creating a transparent and inclusive environment is critical when returning to the workplace; enabling an effective return is beyond opening the doors and confirming a safe environment. ABD brings together cross-functional experts to discuss potential employee concerns.

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Legal and Regulatory

Thursday, June 11 – 10am PST
There are key regulatory and legal requirements to review and ensure you are meeting or exceeding as you bring employees back to the workplace. This session will review resources for determining local, state and federal requirements you can use as you develop your company’s unique return to workplace blueprint. This cross functional panel of experts will also walk through regulations that have been passed in several states relating to COVID-19 cases and Workers Compensation as well as potential claims for Employers Practice Legal Liability.

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COVID-19: Navigating the Impact to the Cost of Employee Benefits

Thursday, June 18 — 10am PST
With so many elective procedures and treatments being deferred, what is the future impact to health plans when that pent-up demand is served? ABD along with partner, Milliman will walk through an actuarial model and assumptions for the remainder of 2020 and into 2021. The impact of COVID-19 will be different for fully insured vs. self-funded plans and we will discuss not only the differences, but what you can do about it.

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Compliance Alerts

COVID-19 and Employee Benefits: The Pandemic's Effect on Your Plans

COVID-19 has raised challenging issues for employers. This ABD resource is provided to help you address compliance issues and understand the impact on benefits plans, FFCRA Mandates, health plan eligibility, active coverage, subsidy options for employers, and more. This document will be updated as new information is released. Please check back regularly for updates.
Last Update: May 20, 2020

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COVID-19 Layoffs and Furloughs

Layoffs and furloughs can be challenging to navigate and can have a direct impact on your employer-sponsored retirement plan, e.g. your company 401(k) or 403(b) plan. We’re here to help outline the potential impacts, considerations, and support you through this challenging period.

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Furloughs and Layoffs During the Economic Impact of COVID-19

Due to the economic impact of COVID-19 companies have implemented, or are considering implementing, measures to ensure the financial liability of their organization. The current situation has impacted businesses, and as a result many are exploring options to help their employees during this uncertain time.

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Leadership Guidance

Employer resources and insights to help maintain healthy and engaged employees.

Growing Cyber Risk Amid COVID-19

While the usual cyber risks for organizations remain, enhanced risks are rapidly growing due to remote working. Read warnings from U.S. and international agencies to prevent potential cyber attacks.

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Using the Hierarchy of Controls to Reduce Exposure to COVID-19

During our current emergency, employers must reevaluate exposures and develop new ways of reducing the risks to our employees. Because employers are experiencing significant issues locating PPE for use in the workplace, the Hierarchy of Controls should be used to evaluate and develop a comprehensive risk reduction strategy.

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Business Operations and Coverages

Insights into how companies are managing pandemic-related risk and how your policies may respond.

COVID-19 Update: Keeping You Informed

As information on COVID-19 continues to evolve, we will bring you information from trusted sources to ensure you are well-informed. Read here for updates from our OH&S Team.

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Employee Resources

Insights and ideas to help individuals and families stay informed and maintain balance.

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