4.27.20 – Weekly Update from Brian Hetherington


Dear Colleagues and Clients: 

During our weekly Town Hall meetings, we are using a word cloud app to not only stay connected, but to gain anonymous, no-pressure, and really great real-time feedback. During last week’s townhall we proposed the following question:

What do you love about working at ABD?”


The three most mentioned words were:


“Work from home has certainly provided opportunities for challenges, flexibility, and fun!

Several years ago, my family and I stopped our gym membership and purchased a Peloton. Through high-fives, shout-outs, milestones, personal bests, in studio and in-home rides, friendly competition, and a networked community on and off the bike through Facebook and Instagram, their instructors have become rock-stars. There are some great correlations with ABD & Peloton.

Peloton – like ABD – started 7 years ago. They have had phenomenal growth. In early March they stopped allowing riders in the studio yet kept “live” classes for their home users. On March 16th, they also moved out of their “starter” home into a new HQ set for their next assent. Their new 25,000 sf HQ is in NYC.  With just an instructor in the studio, the first couple of rides were closed to the public. And then one of their employees tested positive for COVID-19. Suddenly, no “live” rides. No shout-outs. A shut down.

On Wednesday, April 22nd at 7am was their first live ride – from instructor Robin’s apartment in NYC. 25,000 people joined this live ride. It was inspirational. Exceptional. And hearing about the heart – the love – the heartbeat – the connection was fantastic. Peloton is giving away their app – with rides, runs, meditation, yoga, bootcamps – for free for 90 days. Check it out here!

Feed the heart. Exercise. Meditate. Breathe. Take some time to take care of yourself… so you can help keep the heartbeat of ABD, and your own company, strong. Vibrant. Connected. Get outside. Walk. Run. Breathe. Breathe Deeply.

Working from home in 2020 is nothing like anyone could have ever predicted. I’ve been listening to a lot more music while working. And talking to colleagues, clients, and partners, I’ve learned a lot of you are too. We started a Spotify playlist – more for entertainment than for musical “quality” – so please have fun with the songs! They are to provide a “lift”. It is a collaborative playlist – what songs inspire? What songs are missing…add to them! Make your own C-19 WFH mix!

Ride on and rock on,

Brian Hetherington

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